More than just legal advice


In legal matters, professional expertise is not the only thing that counts. Just as important is winding up these matters smoothly and efficiently. We provide you with helpful services in addition to legal advice.


An overview of our services

  • We give you appointments within a few days
  • We often give initial consultations at little or no charge
  • After the consulatation, we let you know what additional information, if any, is needed as well as an estimate of fees and costs


My office has been committed to aiding folks save their homes from forclosure for more than 30 years. Banks and their servicers often treat people like numbers. Once a person's home is in foreclosure, it is exceedingly difficult to find a customer representative who will listen and help. Understanding the terminology, the process and the state and federal laws meant to help is a passion of mine. I can help.



The new Small Business Bankruptcy ("SBRA") laws seem extremely advantageous to Debtor's who are suffering from Covid-19 closures or slow downs. As a business bankruptcy attorney, I have confirmed many Chapter 11 plans for small businesses in a multude of industries.



In Chapter 7, typically, the Debtor seeks a discharge from unsecured debt resulting from onerous credit card bills, medical bills, personal loans, and even collection companies who have threatened or commenced a state court law suit. I think of it as a stement" "I can't pay anyhting to anybody." My job is help a Debtor achieve this and to to maximize what the Debtor can keep and or maintain.



Often, for whatever reason, people want to avoid bankruptcy. I can offer help in settling delinquent debt. With years of experience and expertise, I can help with debt settlement often without the need to file bankruptcy 



In Chapter 13, typically, a debtor seeks to save his or her home from foreclosure by proposing a plan to cure arrears due the mortgage holder over 3 to 5 years. However, there are many other reasons to seek Chapter 13 relief as well. We are here to discuss your particular concerns.



In Chapter 11, typically, a debtor is a person or corporation with a more complex asset and liability structure needing reorganization of financial affairs. The new Small Business Bankruptcy statute is uniquely advantageous to small companies after COVID-19.



Chapter 7, Chapter 13 and Chapter 11 are all forms of personal bankruptcy. I have represented hundreds or people over 30+ years and almost unanimously have helped get this folks a fresh start. It starts with building a relationship. Call for consultation at no charge.



The Law Offices of John F. Sommerstein has confirmed many corporate Chapter 11 cases spanning 30 years. Many companies find the relief and respite they need in Chapter 11, staying or stopping creditors from forcing closure. I specialize in aiding small businesses emerge from near calamity.



When creditors harass, my from stands ready to guard from attack. The Bankruptcy laws are uniquely formed to stay or stop creditors from engaging in collection activity. And my law practice makes sure creditors comply with the laws. You can take relief in knowing the federal laws prevent harassment.



My firm represents the interests of clients in the Courts. We have litigated issues related to confirmation, homesteads, preferences, trusts and relief from the automatic stay. We rely on experience and expertise to guide our clients through the process with an eye toward results and affordability.

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